What Types of Childrens Books are Best for Preschoolers

Posted: April 13, 2010 in quality childrens books books for kids kids books
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Short stories with easy words are the best childrens books for preschoolers. For most at this age they are not quite ready to read. The short childrens books with animated pictures help them associate the words with the pictures. This makes it much easier for them to understand. Feel free to voice your opinion on the matter. We welcome your feedback.

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  2. makeapeep says:

    I guess it would depend on the age and stage of development of the pre-schooler. Books with controlled or restricted vocabulary (Dolch Sight Reading Words) may encourage independent reading. Example “Green Eggs and Ham”

    Some of our kids read very early (<3 years) other started after 5.

    Good post!

  3. iscreamltd says:

    I have just published a Children’s book called The Boy and the Dolphin. It is an inspirational book aimed at Children of or around the age of 5.
    If I put a link to the book would you have a look at it and give me some feedback please?

    Thank you
    Joseph Bleacher

  4. S Lee says:

    Preschoolers need sturdy hardcover or board books that hold up to their handling. They should also be colorful and beautifully illustrated with minimal words, sight words that associate what is in the picture. It should be easy to hold in their hands, not too heavy and not too big. They love books that have something for them to do, as in sound books, flap books, lift and look books, easy 2 or 3 piece puzzle books for beginners or something that moves from page to page.

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