How To Assure A Child That School Is Good

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Childrens Books Blog, quality childrens books books for kids kids books
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Do you have a child starting preschool or kindergarten this year? Are they a little scared or nervous about going to school? This can be a scary time for them. After all, they have been with you for 4 to 5 years now. That is how they feel comfortable. Now it is time for them to go to school. Letting them know that everything is going to be good and that you will see them right after school may not be enough. So where do you turn to assure them that all will be okay. I have found that the best approach is to let your child talk to another child that is just a couple of years older than them and someone who they know. This could be a neighbors child or a child of a relative. If they have older siblings they can talk to them, although this tactic is not as useful as the others. Sometimes by talking to a sibling they may feel that the older one was put up to talk to them. Just keep reassuring them and praising them for their courage and you will both feel much better.


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