Take this short quiz with your child to explore career options together.
1. Which activity sounds the most fun?
a. Building something
b. Reading a book
c. Drawing or painting
d. Playing outside
e. Doing a science experiment

2. Where would you visit on vacation?
a. An aquarium or a zoo
b. A science museum
c. A library
d. A toy factory
e. An art camp
3. What do you like to do in school?
a. Science
b. Math
c. Reading or writing
d. Art
e. Sports or Physical Education
What is the connection? Maybe there is not a clear line between your child’s favorite activities and careers like graphic design, engineering or chemistry, but it is a good idea to start connecting the dots. Encourage your student to develop many interest and learn about different careers. Don’t forget to remind them that most of the jobs in the future will need college.
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