Match the descriptions below with the education and training needed for each.
1. Also called “community colleges,” these schools offer programs that take up to two years to complete.
The coursework provides high skills training for in demand occupations.
2. Usually a one year program that may require you to take a test to become certified or licensed.
3. Teaches, trains and pays students to become skilled in construction, metal working, electrical and
many other hands on occupations.
4. Learning skills while you work. Usually requires low skills and often pays minimum wage.
5. Rigorous course work over a minimum of four years that leads to the greatest percentage of high
paying occupations.
6. Provides training for a variety of high paying careers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines
and other military branches.

Education and Training
A. Apprenticeship
B. IU, Purdue, Ball State and other 4 year colleges
C. Ivy Tech, Vincennes University and other 2 year colleges
D. Military
E. For profit schools like cosmetology schools and some business colleges
F. On the job training

Answers will be revealed in the beginning of the next blog post.


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