Students can’t learn if they don’t feel safe at school. Parents can help prevent and stop bullying, but only if they know what bullying is and what forms it can take. Many parents do not discuss bullying with their children, and most children won’t raise the topic of bullying with their parents. Teach your child these 3 tips for stopping bullying.
Speak up against bullying. Say “stop it” or “I don’t like it when you do that.”
Walk away. Many bullies will stop if they think you don’t care.
Tell an adult. Teachers and parents can help stop bullying.
Stick Together. Staying with a group might help. Bullying can come in many forms-name-calling, spreading rumors, physically hurting someone else or cyber bullying, using the internet or texting to hurt others. Be aware of the warning signs and get help immediately.
To get more information on bullying, go to ChildrensBooks2U and check out this article.



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