Want a simple suggestion that will help your baby develop his physical abilities and cognition? Try putting him on his tummy. Although he may initially fuss, your baby will reach major motor milestones by spending time belly to floor. Around 6-10 months, he will start arching his neck and kicking his feet. Next he will learn to roll over, get up on his hands and knees and then, usually crawl.

Crawling is often seen as a milestone, but some parents find that their baby doesn’t crawl at all. Instead, he will get around by rolling, dragging his body commando-style, or scooting his bottom. Not to worry: The American Academy of Pediatrics says that your baby is moving independently is more critical to later development that the way he does it.

When he starts to crawl, as long as he uses both sides of his body equally, he is strengthening the muscles he will need when he begins to walk. He is also exploring his world, which fosters cognition and autonomy. Spending so much time looking nearby ( to navigate obstacles) and far ahead ( to reach his destination) exercises the vision and coördination skills that support reading and writing.

If your crawler is favoring one side, or if you have concerns, speak to your doctor. Otherwise, focus on providing him with safe and stimulating objects and experiences as he wanders around.

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Crawling Baby

On The Move

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