Li’l Pumpkin

Step 1:

Start with a pair of striped pajamas, an over sized orange T-shirt and a tie-on cap. Get some felt (orange, black, yellow and green) and fabric glue.

Step 2:

You will leave the set of pajamas as is. Take the T-shirt and cut the ends of the sleeves so that they are zigzagged. Then cut a pumpkin shape and pumpkin face shapes out of the felt and glue them onto the front of the T-shirt. Allow to dry. (If you choose, glue a length of gold rickrack along the T-shirt collar and allow to dry as well.) Cut leaf shapes out of the green felt and glue them to the cap. Allow to dry.

Step 3:

To get your little one into costume, simply put the pajamas on first, the over sized pumpkin T-shirt on top of the pajamas and the leafy cap onto his head.

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