Reassuring your preschooler when she feels frightened. The world can be a scary place, especially when you are only a few feet tall. Whether it is because of the dark, heights or dogs, preschoolers can become frightened. Rear is nature’s way of encouraging kids this age to be cautious, particularly in new situations, since they are still learning the basics about the world around them.

Intangible things that are unpredictable, like thunder and lightning or the loud sounds in a movie, can be terrifying for threes and fours. With their heightened imaginations, it is difficult for them to distinguish between fantasy and reality, which is why some movies may be too much for your child. Then she is scared, you child’s heart may start to beat faster and her tummy may feel upset. Emotionally, she is anxious and wants to withdraw from the situation.

When your child is upset, your natural response is to offer her a reassuring hug and let her hide under your arm. She will also need verbal reassurances that you understand her feelings. You might also offer her a few options to calm her nerves. For example, walking around the block or reading a favorite story.

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Reassuring Your Preschooler

Safe and Sound


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