A newborn’s sleep patterns, usually the opposite of ours, have a way of confounding weary parents. But you can help ease your tiny tot into a rhythm that will eventually allow you both to get a better night’s rest. Try some of these tips:

Treat day and night differently with your baby. As you feed her, change her and hold her close at night, keep the lights low and limit noise and other stimulation. Save exciting interactions and play for daytime. Little by little, she will get the hang of it.

Create a soothing environment. Try to simulate the experience of the womb with firm support, dim lights and gentle swaying. Swaddling can also help, but take precautions against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by positioning your baby on her back and keeping her mouth and nose free of anything that might interfere with her air supply.

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Drifting Off

Newborn sleep patterns

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