Before you start, keep in mind that the goal is not to tell a story, but to discover one together. As you are reading with your child look at the first page and start with a question. What do you see in the picture? Kids will usually state the obvious. Ask them what else do they see? Have them hunt for clues. Encourage them to participate often. Ask them things like, how do you think the character is feeling? What would you do if you were the character? Don’t rush it. There is no script you need to follow. You may tend to rush, but don’t. If you do, you will miss out on the most rewarding part of sharing a picture book with your child. Allowing your child to discover a story of their very own.

Leave us your comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know what other topics you would like to have discussed. Share this post with your friends. Remember to always praise your child.




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