Most parents have seen an immediate payoff when their child is placed in a slower placed group. The structure and extra support give them a chance to develop their skills. You will also find that they will progress from group to group with more regularity. The challenge is that rearranging a lesson plan for multiple levels requires extra work on the part of the teachers. Most teachers state that all of their prep time is used up planning for these groups. It even take extra time on the weekends to get these groups ready, but the teachers feel that the time is well worth it. The teachers also feel like it has made them a more effective teacher and brings back their motivation. Not everyone is excited about this idea though. Not to mention that grouping students can put extra stress on parents. The parents worry about what the child’s level may suggest about their academic future. The fear is that teachers will reduce their expectations for what a child can achieve. If parents remain patient, most will find that their child will advance to the top groups in a matter of time. The biggest objection has been that the weaker students will not have a chance to learn from the stronger ones. There is also the worry of lowering a child’s self-esteem. When you pull out a kid who may be struggling you risk them losing their spark.




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