With students being taught by ability some will excel past the top groups expectations. This is why a growing number of educators want the schools to view gifted kids as special needs kids. If a child is in a wheel chair then we build them a ramp. Likewise, we can not put gifted students in a one size fits all learning situation. Teachers believe that separate class rooms for the gifted students is the solution. Being ahead of the other kids can be isolating. It is difficult for smaller schools to support gifted programs. However, if your child fits into this category and their needs are not being met, set up a meeting with the principal to see what options you might have. If there is not a test in program then ask about enrichment opportunities for an academic challenge. Some colleges offer accelerated math classes for grade schoolers. See more on ways of sorting students.



  1. […] about the extremely competitive parenting culture these days. Trying to get your child into an accelerated learning group has become its own kind of race. This could cause negative consequences for students. Not every […]

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