There are some administrators that are concerned about the extremely competitive parenting culture these days. Trying to get your child into an accelerated learning group has become its own kind of race. This could cause negative consequences for students. Not every child can be in the top 10 percent all the time. Rather than lobbying to have your kid placed into the top level, concerned parents will be better off finding a group that is just right for them. The decision to use flexible learning groups for reading and math usually happens at the district level. However, the teaching methods can vary from school to school and sometimes even class to class. It is all depending on the teacher’s willingness to implement these groups. They can have a significant impact on a child’s education in grade school and beyond. To make sure that your kid’s educational needs are being met, we will give you a checklist to follow in our next posts. Leave us your comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know what other topics you would like to have discussed. Share this post with your family and friends. Remember to always praise your child.



  1. Johnk616 says:

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