Here is the quiz, just as promised:

1. Attitude
My kid…
a. dislikes getting ready and going to school
b. suddenly likes school less than he used to
c. has always enjoyed going to school

2. Temperament
I would describe my kid as…
a. extremely talkative
b. introverted
c. easily distracted

3. Assignments
My child tends to…
a. ask for help
b. claim she has no homework (then I later find out she does)
c. complete assignments quickly and easily

4. Abilities
When it comes to getting his schoolwork done, he…
a. procrastinates until I take something away (like an iPad)
b. completes assignments independently
c. sometimes has trouble with subjects taught in class

5. Behavior
Lately I have noticed that my child…
a. seems less focused
b. is not interested in educational toys or games
c. finds school more enjoyable than previously

Answer Key:
1. b 2. c 3. b 4. a 5. a

If you matched four or more answers it is worth exploring the possibility of a tutor.
If you matched three answers your child could use extra help from a teacher, a tutor or you.
If you matched two or fewer answers your kid probably does not need a tutor.




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