Sure the door is closed on your closet and can conceal a lot of stuff, but paring down will make the morning rush a bit easier.

  • Remove everything from your closet and hang up only your ten favorite pieces. Pack the rest into bags, as if you were moving and take out additional items only as needed. At the end of the season, consider donating what ever remains.
  • Collect any items that have sentimental value but are not being worn and add them to the keepsake bin you set up. Even better yet, preserve the memories with a pic and donate the pieces to charity.
  • Purge your closet of any pairs of shoes that are uncomfortable and put the rest on a rack.
  • Repair all of the clothes that have missing buttons, minor tears, broken zippers or undone hems or you can finally take them to the seamstress.
  • If you just do one thing, establish a labeled donation box in each closet for any outgrown, ill fitting or out of style clothing and weed out items as you go.

Also, check out how to clean your pantry.

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