Your child’s unpredictable antics will make a lot more sense once you look at life their way.

Take a few moments to imagine your toddler’s mindset: Everything is new and unexplored, they have little self-control, and their vocabulary is limited to maybe a hundred words at best. At any given moment, life can be exciting, frustrating, unpredictable, or just downright scary. As a parent, I have gotten plenty of practice understanding toddlers’ unique perspective, and I find that I have become a better parent in the process. So let me help you wear some toddler goggles of your own so you can see what exactly your child is seeing.

The Toddler View: I want something, so I need it!

When my then 3-year-old daughter opened the gift that I had wrapped for her friend, after I had specifically asked her not to, I was very upset. Was she blatantly ignoring me? Well, not exactly. Toddlers crave things with such passion, they feel that they must absolutely have them. My daughter had to have that particular gift and did not have the mental maturity to ignore her impulse to unwrap it. A toddler’s brain has not yet developed the executive function, the ability to focus, exhibit control, and listen to reason. In other words, there is no such conductor in the orchestra of her mind. So my daughter could not grasp that the gift was not hers and that she should resist the temptation to open it.

You can help to teach your toddler realistic self-control strategies. For example, find opportunities to have her wait her turn on the slide at the playground. Keep the wait time short and show her ways to amuse herself in the meantime. But do not set unrealistic expectations; asking your 3-year-old to leave a treat untouched is just setting her up to fail. Put the temptation out of sight instead. Leave us your comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Let us know what other topics you would like to have discussed. Share this post with your family and friends. Remember to always praise your child.



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