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When your tween dislikes their teacher.

You likely recall two sets of teachers from school: your favorites and those who seemed to give you a hard time. It is a fact that your tween is not going to get along with everyone, but it is disheartening when he comes home complaining about a teacher. You have worked hard to help him develop a love of learning and do not want the situation to discourage him.

It is common for children in this age group to have an issue with a teacher. It can occur because tweens are beginning to analyze behavior and pass judgement. They are more conscious of a teacher’s attitude toward them because they want to be liked and care deeply about fairness. Tweens can therefore become upset if they feel picked on, defensive if they think they irritate the teacher and enraged if they are not getting fair treatment. The result: hostility expressed as hatred.

Respond by taking your child’s feelings seriously; they are real for her and certainly should not be dismissed. But do not rush into the school and ask for a change of class, as your child’s resentment may be unjustified.

Tweens are new to making judgments and do not always read situations correctly. They can misjudge cues and comments and take offense where none was meant. Ask your child to keep a daily record of her complaints, so you can get a clear picture. Consider if something at home might be causing your child to argue more and irritate the teacher, or if a friend is a bad influence: 10-year-old boys are renowned for playing the class clown.

When you are sure there is good evidence of a poor dynamic, on either side, ask for a meeting with the teacher and gently explore solutions to the problem in order to regenerate your child’s enthusiasm for school.

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Teacher Clash

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