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Your Favorite Monkey Is Back

The time has come and now your child is in school all day. With that comes a time for adjusting. Has the transition been smooth for your child or are they having trouble getting use to being in school all day. It will be a tough adjustment for children. This is especially true if your child is in their first year of being in school all day. How can you help make the adjustment easy? It is not an easy adjustment to make, but you can help by letting them get plenty of rest and eating healthy well-balanced meals. After a couple of weeks your child will begin to adjust to being in school all day. Let us hear you story about adjusting to school.

With the age of digital media in full swing, can books survive with the use of computers everywhere. Kids are spending countless hours in front of their computer reading, blogging and chatting. What effect will this have on physical books. While all reading is good, it is not all equal. Reading a book provides development that computers can not. Online reading will develop kids ability to decode short messages, while reading a book enhances memory, vocabulary and perseverance just to name a few. Nothing beats sitting down with a good book for child development.