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A baby’s first smiles are just reactions to gas. Now that is just funny. If you have ever been around my kids you might think so. We can not be sure about the motivation, but babies are born with reflexes that cause them to imitate the faces they see. So when you smile, your baby reflects that expression back to you, without even knowing why you are smiling or what the smile means. Soon he will discover what smiling is all about and will do it on purpose.

When a newborn suddenly flails and jerks both his arms and legs, he is having a seizure. Usually not. These are startles. Startles happen when a baby has been abruptly disturbed, by a loud noise, for example, but they may also occur for no apparent reason. Startles may worry you, but they serve a purpose. When a baby is upset by a sudden disruption, the startle reflex sets off a chain of other reflexes, leading the baby to bring his hand to his cheek and then to his mouth. When he sucks on his hand or fingers, he is able to comfort himself and recover from the upset. Babies are wired to respond to life’s first discomforts in ways that teach them to soothe themselves.

Too much holding and handling will spoil your baby. Lots of affection will not spoil your baby. It strengthens the bond between the two of you and his sense of security. It is up to you and your family to find the balance between your baby’s need for closeness and the other demands of providing for him. When he starts showing signs that he is ready, allow him to learn to calm and entertain himself.

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