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Like us, cats need exercise to keep healthy. Give yours a workout by taking advantage of her natural behavior.

Share your toys. A cat’s normal movement cycle involves frequent bursts of brief activity followed by rest. To sync up with her rhythm, have your family members take turns dangling string or cat toys for her to bat at.

Toss those kibbles. Cats can not resist a good chase. Entice your kitty to scamper after individual bits of dried food by sliding them across the floor.

Play hard to get. Her attention is at its peak when she is hungry. Before putting your cat’s bowl down, tempt her to follow you as you take a few laps around the couch or dinner table.

Try laser tag. Take advantage of her predatory nature: Use a laser pointer or mini flashlight for your cat’s “hunt” a few times daily, for three to five minutes at each time. At the end of the game, be sure to toss a little toy to your kitty to give her a sense of victory.

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