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When your child turns out to be a reluctant reader, you may need to get creative. Try creating a story just for them. It should do the trick.

“I can’t do this.” Does this phrase sound familiar around your house? I know I have heard it a time or two around here. Watching your child struggle to read becomes frustrating for the both of you. Most kids are smart and have an expanded vocabulary, so what is the issue? Being an avid reader myself, I want everyone to know the joy of reading, but the enthusiasm is not always there. Especially if their struggles increase.

Maybe the book is too hard. So you try another one. You pick another book and you hear, “This book is for babies. I want to read one of my comic books.” Ugh! The problem here is that these books are written above their reading level and they have no interest in reading beginning reader books. When explaining that we need to start small and build our way up, they may seem like it is wasted effort. What is needed is a book to play to their interest, but do it with a few simple words. It can be extremely difficult to find these kinds of books at the library or a book store.

I am going to need to make the books myself. My drawing skills are limited to those of stick figures. So this is going to be a challenge. Luckily, there are tons of images that can be found online. Using greeting card software is a great way to separate the pages into 4 sections. This will make it easier for you to assemble the book yourself. A simple hand drawn cover and numbering the pages so you can figure out how it will go together is all you need.

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