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Learn and laugh with new takes on the sweet art of storytelling.

Try a progressive story. One person starts telling a story and family members take turns adding scenes to it. Mix it up by including silly props. Everyone picks one and incorporates it into their part of the story.

Get spooky with it. Halloween may be long gone, but a good ghost tale can stoke the whole family’s imagination at any time of the year. Try setting the mood with flashlights and spooky music. Tell a creepy tale while the kids add sound effects like cackles, howls or a hissing wind. Be sure to end with a funny twist so kids do not leave scared.

Put on a play. Place fun character ideas on slips of paper in a jar. Before dinner, each family member pulls out a slip of paper and then acts like the character selected during the meal, eating, talking and reacting as they would. Guess who is who at the end of the night.

Share your history. Telling your children stories about your own life, especially from your childhood, helps draw the two of you closer. Flip through photo albums together and tell your tales. Then, ask your kids to tell you about their own baby photos!

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