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Not being able to see the smart board is bad enough, but over 80% of the sensory information kids receive also comes through sight. Three things that you need to know are:

You should not rely solely on the school nurse. The in-school screenings only identify about 5% of vision problems. Kids are often able to squint through a distance only screening.

Kids need checkups for vision and eye health. Eye exams catch rare but serious conditions like glaucoma and even signs of brain tumors. You should get vision screenings done at all well child visits from the time they are born until 3 years-old and annually between the ages of 3 and 5 and at least every 2 years after that.

Do not sweat Rx changes. A new prescription does not necessarily mean that your child’s vision is worsening. Kids’ eyes continue to grow and so vision continues to change, until about the age of 20. Think of new lenses like the need for a new pair of shoes.

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