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Practice skills related to addition and subtraction as well as chance and probability with these games.

Array Bingo
Players roll the dice and find an Array Bingo card with the same number of dots. Players then turn that card over. The first player to have a row, column or diagonal of face down cards calls out “Bingo!” and wins the game.

Soccer Spin
Players choose a spinner to use during the game. They choose a team to cheer for, checks or stripes. They then predict which team will win based on their spinner. They spin the spinner to check their prediction.

Basketball Addition
The basketball game is played by two teams, each consisting of 3-5 players. The number of points scored by each player in each half is determined by rolling a twenty sided polyhedral die or 3 regular dice and using their sum. The team that scores the greater number of points wins the game.

Hit The Target
Players choose a 2 digit multiple of ten (10, 20, 30…) as a target number. One player enters a starting number on a calculator and tries to change the starting number to the target number by adding a number to it on the calculator. Children practice finding differences between 2 digit numbers and higher multiples of ten.