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Which sippy cup do your want? Which swing would you like to use? Should we cut your sandwich into rectangles or triangles? These are all small decisions, but giving your child a chance to choose will go a long way toward promoting their development and fostering harmony in your home.

After your child turns 1, you will notice that they increasingly make their own wishes known. In fact, communicating their desires is critical to developing autonomy and a sense of personal power, which in turn lay the foundation for healthy self esteem. Without the opportunity to make choices, a toddler may dig in their heels, which may lead to power struggles with you and tantrums.

Cap It At Two: It is difficult for toddlers to hold more than two choices in mind at the same time. By limiting your child to just two, both of which are acceptable to you, you can make it easier for them to choose.

Offer A Time Limit: Use choices to help smooth transitions between activities, but give them a time limit to make their choices. Decide if you want the blue or purple bowl while I get your cereal.

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Child's Input

The blue one, please.