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Picture Them Coming and Going.

Capture photographs of all the special moments from the first day of school. Some parents pose their children in the same spot every year on the first day of school and snap a photo to show the progression of the kids’ changes over time. Some have a traditional picture taking spot in front of a tree, which also grows along with the child. What I like to do is take individual photos, then take a photo as a group and also snap a picture of all the neighborhood kids together at the bus stop.

Have a Special Meal.

Let each child pick the menu for a “last supper of summer” or a “back to school breakfast.” Be flexible and remember that anything goes on this menu, from a favorite home cooked meal to an outing at a favorite pizza place to allowing everyone to have dessert first, if that is what the kids requested. It is your tradition, so do what will make it a memorable day for your entire family.

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