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You can not protect your child from messing up, but you can help it to hurt a little less.

The bases were loaded with 2 outs in the 7th inning (last inning) of a Babe Ruth Little League championship game when Chris came up to bat for his team, which by the way was down by 2 runs. Chris hit a fly ball that was caught and that ended the game. He was trying to hold back the tears, he thought he had let everyone down. My heart ached for him. Seven- to 10year-olds are less able to shrug off mistakes than they were when they were younger. Learn how to help your child realize that a missed shot or a forgotten line is not the end of the world.

Try to put off the pep talk

Resist the urge to swoop in with, “You gave it your best shot.” Let your child do the talking. Nothing that you say in that moment is going to make it OK. Allow him to get his feelings out. It will help him to learn from the situation. If he is not talking at all, you can give him a hug and a nudge by asking him to tell you what he is thinking. After he has calmed down, you can tell him about a similar mistake you or one of his role models has made.

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